1. Purge your life of unnecessary television.

How many hours a day do you spend watching mildly entertaining television just because there is nothing better on? Everyone has their favorite TV shows, but try to limit yourself to only those shows for two weeks instead of sitting there mindlessly flipping channels. You’ll be amazed at how much time it frees up, plus you will realize you weren’t missing that much to begin with. If you really want to get serious, cancel or strictly reduce your cable options for good.

2. Get more efficient with your Web surfing.

Many of us waste hours every day checking and rechecking favorite websites only to find out nothing much has occurred. Either subscribe to RSS Feeds to automatically receive updates of your favorite blogs and sites, or limit yourself to checking all of your favorite sites only once per day. You will have more energy for the day—plus less overall clutter in your head.

3. Combine tasks/trips when possible.

Try to make every task twice as valuable. For example, if you have to take the garbage to the garage, why not  get the kitty litter out of your car on the way back in? While you’re making dinner, why not make lunch for the next day instead of waiting until morning AND watch your favorite TV show you recorded at the same time? There are examples like this everywhere, you just have to look for them.

4. Set “time budgets” if you have to.

Some people are truly incapable of managing their time. This is where alarms, buzzers, and timers come in handy. If you’re sorting through the mail, give yourself 10 minutes a day. Set the timer and try to get everything sorted, dealt with, or tossed during that time. This technique can also be applied to cleaning, errands, or making lists.

5. Research and shop online whenever possible.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but running to three different stores to find one item is one of the biggest time wasters around. Most of your research (including getting other customer’s reviews) can be done online, and with shipping deals these days, it’s likely you may find a better price online.

6. Plan your errands in advance.

This is really one of the easiest ways to save time. Take a few minutes before you leave for errands to plan your route. Make your stops in order away from your house, then heading back to your house instead of zig-zagging all over town. You’ll save gas, time, and frustration.

7. Delegate chores and tasks whenever possible.

If you can afford a housekeeping service to do your laundry, cooking, and cleaning, that’s great. Most people can’t, however. Enlist family members to take over daily tasks like washing the dishes or getting the mail—that way “chores” are spread out among everyone, not just one person.

8. Turn waiting time into reading time.

Always carry a book, magazine, or articles you need to read with you. Then, any time you are waiting in line, sitting at the doctor’s office, in the fast-food restaurant, or during your commute, you can use that time for reading instead of staring blankly ahead or absently surfing your smartphone. The same thing goes for audiobooks. Instead of listening to music during your commute or walking, why not improve yourself with audiobooks?

9. Prepare your clothes the night before.

This tip is very commonsense but one of the most effective. By deciding what you are going to wear and getting it ready (ironing before you go to bed, making sure you have the right shoes and belt, etc.), you will save valuable morning time. Decision-making is always difficult in the morning, and taking one decision off your plate will give each day a smoother start.

10. Start every day – without exception – by making a plan.

Once you know what is most important to you, it will not be hard to stay on track with your goals and you will stop wasting time on what’s unimportant. Spend some time every single morning focused on what you need to accomplish that day, even Sunday. Write down the tasks, and then prioritize them. You’ll have a better sense of accomplishment and a better chance of achieving your goals.