One of the first questions we ask of our new business clients is, “if there was one thing we could fix for you right now, what would it be?”

You would be astounded the answers that we get!

We all need to remember that when we go in to a new business, none of us know everything. (Although some of us may think so, he said quietly to himself).

We all come from different backgrounds and different fields of expertise. Whether you are the Builder, the baker or the retail genius, we all have areas of business that we are not good at. Therefore, we naturally tend towards doing those things, the things we know, the things we like, the things we are comfortable with.

The trouble is that that often leaves some of the important things parked up in the corner.

Things like; staff issues, getting your head around the finances, debt collection, chasing new customers, holding your team members accountable for their work and actions. Oh, so much that I do not know!

Identifying the areas where you need assistance is critical: make a list, a simple list out of your head, write them down and make a decision about what you are going to do about it.

Pick up the phone or use the mouse to make contact with the people that can help you.

Investing money in them is a way better spend than you trying to do it yourself, or doing as many, nothing. Issues do NOT go away, they just get worse.

Business is about doing everything required, not just what we like and are comfortable doing.

Get good advice and keep those people close to you, always.

Use the right people and the right expertise and accept that getting that person to help you, is the wisest decision you will ever make.

Give us a call. Send us an e-mail. Do it now!