Most people have heard the terms “Can’t see the woods for the trees” or “becoming store blind”, but do you actually know what they mean?

It is a common issue with a lot of SME business owners, generally because they are too busy on fire fighting to take a step back and try and look at the business from the outside.

A simple example of this might be damaged or deteriorating signage on the business’s building.  An owner can walk past this every single day and not notice it, but as soon as someone mentions it, it becomes blindingly obvious.  Another more complex example might be a business owner not being aware of a declining gross profit because they are not able to focus on the particular issues affecting it, but someone outside the company can quickly identify areas to be addressed.

Small business has become alarmingly complex and the number of hats a small business owner has to wear means only small amounts of attention can be given to each core area that makes a business successful.  This is where a professional business advisor can make a step change difference to a business. 

Having an experienced advisor that can see the woods for the trees and can focus the business owner on spending their time on what is important will cement the future success of the business and open the business owners’ eyes to future opportunities.

Talk to Prime Strategies today about how they can open your eyes and help you see the woods.