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Discover the Prime Strategies difference

We bring you a rather different approach to a Business Consulting experience:

Our Business Advisors will provide you with a verbal and written process that creates time, planning and value for you and your business. Many businesses are not in a position where they can call on specialist business advice like a corporate giant. The lawyer is great for legal work and the accountant is great for talking historic numbers, but who do you get to help with actually fixing or growing what you have in your business? The answer is, you call on expertise – and just like you would call a builder to build a house, you can call Prime Strategies to build your business.

We provide business advice mostly to small – medium sized business across New Zealand, including many family owned businesses. We understand what goes on and how this type of business is different from the big multi -nationals and the corporate giants. We understand the challenges that you face every day as you walk in the door of your business.


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Business Strategy

A sound business strategy is a non-negotiable component of a business with a robust future. Our Business Advisors will work as an integral part of your organisation, to provide sound business advice.

Sales & Marketing

Our business consultants will ensure that your sales team is well tuned and performing at the optimum level – and that they have the right marketing support to get their job done!

Business Plans

A business plan should be smart, effective and a living document. We provide expert business plan help to ensure that your strategy is concise, ambitious and achievable.


  • Leverage the value of the business
  • Strategic advice and assessment
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Business Development and expansion
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Franchise Development
  • Web Development
  • IT Development


  • Business and Marketing Planning
  • Structure and Process
  • Implementation of Plans
  • Compliance – Legal
  • Health and Safety
  • Expansion expertise
  • Web Content design, development


  • Stop profit falling through the cracks
  • Put controls in place to prevent profit declining
  • Reduce general expenses
  • Increased margins
  • Reduced Cost of Goods
  • Control of staffing costs
  • Leasing cost control and implementation
  • Productivity Analysis

Our Business Advisors provide both Strategic & Management consulting

We are a team of specialist business advisors – we practice what we preach every day. We also have a proven methodology in how we work with business owners.

Like you, we are entrepreneurs as well. Working to create wealth out of our business every day. We have been doing this for over twenty five years, some longer than we care to think! We simply help you by passing our knowledge across to you and your team – ‘paying it forward’ in everything we do. Our passion is your success.

We value your business as a client and the trust and integrity that this brings with it. We remain confidential all the time, every day. We will help you get quality of life back in focus.

Prime Strategies Group offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

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Professional document preparation

We can provide you with professional documentation in a number of areas including:

  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • House Rules
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Lease negotiation
  • Feasibility studies

Additional business services

  • Financial reporting – For small ‘one or two man’ businesses, we are able to provide a basic financial analysis at a set cost per month
  • Budgeting and feasibility study – pricing on request
  • Branding – Specific rebranding work including logo development, letterhead, vehicle branding, and business cards


Our Expertise

We have a track record that includes start-ups, repairing broken business models, business expansion including franchising, and business sales across a wide range of businesses and markets.

  • Office and Administrative support
  • Business partners and Global contacts
  • International universities
  • Branding and Logo development
  • Sourcing of Capital and partners
  • Harvard Business School

Providing world class business skills & expertise

Individually and as a team, we are proud of our business expertise and our ability to source up-to-the-minute information that is relevant to our clients businesses. We have a suite of professional expertise, a wide international network of colleagues and business experts and a professional team located across New Zealand that will help you achieve what you need to from your business.

Our Business Advisors have wide skill sets across a number of business types including Franchising, Retail and FMCG, Leasing, Finance, IT and Marketing. We are highly successful in leveraging market value for our clients, making projects viable and creating both value and growth in business.

We know how to make business work and we help our clients sleep better at night, knowing that their business is in good hands. We get real results and have a passion for success in everything we do – we provide solutions.

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