Recently I was having a conversation with a friend about competition and how it related to pricing. The general view was that competition drives prices down – and that’s it. I said it was not necessarily the case and mentioned food process, fuel prices and airfares to name only a few examples where there is plenty of competition but seemingly little downward movement in price. So, if that is the case, what good comes from competition? From a business owner’s perspective, competition can have several positive effects and drive improvements.

Here are five good things that competition brings from a business owner’s point of view:

  • Motivation to Excel:
  • Competition serves as a motivating factor for business owners and their teams. The desire to outperform rivals encourages owners to strive for excellence, leading to the creation of better products, services, and overall business strategies. Without this motivation, we are doomed to stagnate.

    • Strategic Innovation:

    In a competitive environment, businesses are compelled to innovate strategically to gain a competitive edge. This innovation can lead to the development of unique value propositions, new business models, and efficient processes that set them apart from competitors. This leads to better productivity and margin in your business.

    • Efficient Resource Allocation:

    Competition forces businesses to allocate their resources wisely and efficiently. Whether it’s financial capital, human resources, or time, businesses need to ensure optimal resource utilisation to remain competitive. This often results in improved operational efficiency and better utilisation of available assets. This does not necessarily mean downsizing or a reduction in staff numbers. It is focused on removing the waste and inefficient practises. 

    • Market Understanding:

    To succeed in a competitive market, business owners need to deeply understand their target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This emphasis on market research and analysis leads to a better grasp of customer needs, which can then guide product development and marketing efforts. This is something often overlooked. Asking your customers to tell you what they want is a powerful way of gaining an understanding of the market. Too often I see businesses marketing their product or service to the market rather than tailoring the offer to their audience.

    • Adaptation to Change:

    Competition necessitates adaptability. Businesses must be prepared to adjust their strategies in response to changing market conditions, customer preferences, and technological advancements. This adaptability helps companies remain relevant and resilient over time. I think we have all seen this over the past few years!

    While these points highlight the positive aspects of competition for business owners, it’s important to acknowledge that competition also comes with challenges, such as increased pressure, the need for constant improvement, and potential profit margins getting squeezed. However, when managed effectively, competition can drive growth and success for businesses.

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