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Business Management Advisory Funding 

We are delighted to inform you that with Prime Strategies Group being a long-term registered Training Provider with Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN), we can offer a registered COVID-19 specific service providing access to government funded advice (for those eligible potentially up to $5000 excl GST), for our COVID-19 specific…

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Customer Service vs Experience

Businesses often claim that their number one focus is customer service, but when questioned, find it difficult to describe how this is executed and what this means for their customers.  It’s important to define the difference between customer service and the customer experience.  Customer service…

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Week 3 Questions

Remember – MONEY IN must be greater than MONEY OUT With COVID-19 Business lockdown now into week 3 of the four predicted, there are some questions business owners should be asking themselves: Have you taken a stocktake of your business’s financial position? What are your…

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