“Know your numbers and seek help to maintain resilience.” That’s the call from Stacey Martin – Senior Partner, BNZ on 13/2/24 from the NZ Herald article “Navigating Your Business Through 2024”

Stacey also asks business owners: “…have you got a good inventory management system? What is your ecommerce set-up like? Do you know your website traffic statistics, and sales conversion rates, and when is the best time to run promotions? Are you getting good advice…you may need the services of a business advisor to get meaningful support.”

These are questions and issues we deal with every day at Prime Strategies. Our advisors forge close relationships with our clients’ banks and accounting services to ensure they get the best advice and help possible in managing cashflow and keeping the sales pipeline full.

Xero has also added its weight to championing the needs of small businesses, calling on government to provide more support, from investing in digital and productivity enhancing technology and upskilling programmes, to easier access to funding and reducing compliance processes and requirements.

Prime Strategies applauds this focus on New Zealand’s small businesses and joins the conversation. After all, it is the entrepreneurs and small business owners that form the backbone of our economy. Which is why we devote ourselves to helping them succeed and grow.

If you’re a business owner looking to navigate your way through 2024 and beyond – get in touch for a free chat. We promise you won’t regret it.