by Breton Dobbs  |  Business Advisor with the Prime Strategies Group

I’ve had cause to reflect lately…

I am of an age where people often ask – when are you going to retire? That’s not the reason for my reflection. I love what I do. I’m told – in many different ways, I’m good at it. So why would I want to stop?

Like so many, if not all SME business owners, I’ve reflected on the last two years and the challenges SMEs have had keeping their businesses going, never mind growing. The business owners I work with are no different. I am no different as a business owner, and I believe in practicing what I preach.

Time, cashflow, workflow, absenteeism, recruitment, supplies, planning, work life balance. The list of daily challenges goes on. But SME business owners are a resilient breed of people who find a way forward. Albeit increasingly acknowledging and seeking help in different areas where needed.

To this end, my reflections have resulted in an increased drive to help SMEs where possible. I’m going to do this by making myself more; available, affordable, accessible. The first two ‘prongs’ speak for themselves. The third – accessible – is about having more flexibility on how business owners can access and engage with the 45+ years of experience and expertise I have to offer. It’s also about building trust, commitment and reliability in a relationship that often goes beyond work issues.

Accessibility is also about empathy with what business owners have to deal with in today’s business climate. Trust me, I get it because I live it too.

Whether it’s a full contract, task assignment, mentoring role or sound-boarding over a coffee n cake chat. I’m here to help. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. If it matters to you, it matters to me.

So, if you’re thinking of asking if I’m planning on retiring anytime soon. The answer is no. I want to keep helping business owners improve business performance, and I know I can make a difference – including in the all-important work life balance.

Breton Dobbs | Business Advisor with the Prime Strategies Group