You often hear businesses claim that their number one focus is customer service, but when questioned, they find it difficult to define exactly how this is executed and what this means for their customers.  It is also important to define the difference between customer service and customer experience.  Customer service is a process used to service your customer requirements, where customer experience is the total journey the customer experiences from first contact with your business, through the sale or service process, right through to post sale.

Customers will still look for those businesses that offer a very good customer experience. Time spent reviewing how well your business provides an exceptional customer experience will put you in a much better long term position over those businesses that look for the quick sale rather than long term loyal customer and referrer.

Here are some areas that you should be looking at within your customer experience

  1. How quickly do you respond to customer website enquiry – do you have a target time and how do you measure this?
  2. If you provide quotes for your service/products, how quickly do you get the quote to the prospect? How do you measure that you meet an acceptable time frame?
  3. When do you follow up? How do you do this? Who is responsible for this?
  4. How do you make the customer feel special the first time they use your services or purchase your product?
  5. During the sale process, how do you make the customer feel like they are the most important customer to you?  What do you know about them?
  6. Has everyone in your business been briefed properly about a new customer and anything in particular that was discussed with the customer?
  7. How do you appreciate the customer post sale and make sure that they do not have any post purchase regrets?
  8. What system do you have in place to keep the customer feeling that they are special in the future and not just a forgotten number?
  9. How do you thank your customers when they make a referral to a family member or friend?
  10. Lastly, do every one of your business employees know what your customer experience process is and why it’s important to follow it every single time.

Take the time now to review your customer experience process and use it as an effective tool to be a long-term profitable business post the lock down.

Prime Strategies are able to assist with this and any other business improvement matters. We specialise in improving small to medium size business.