Article by John Cleghorn, Business Management Consultant & Prime Strategies Group Partner.

Here we are in yet another year. Time seems to go by so quickly, doesn’t it?

So, for all those SME business owners out there, I have a few questions for you…

Are you in business for yourself and not having fun?

  • Are you struggling with knowing quite what to do when a team member asks a tough question?
  • Do you struggle with paying the wages each week or knowing where to spend your next dollar on new clients or sales?
  • Are you struggling to know where to go next for help?
  • Do you even know you need help?

If you are in the position where you struggle with debt, struggle for enough cash to run the day to day aspects of the business, struggle to pay the wages, struggle to understand the ‘modern’ way of marketing with Social media and the likes, you’re not alone.

It may surprise you but the majority of SME in this country are in the same boat as you. In fact, only one in five SME businesses survive ten years in New Zealand.

Let’s be clear, this is not about your expertise as an engineer, a builder, a florist, or as an IT consultant.

We take it as read that you are an expert at your profession. A builder (you would suggest) is a good builder, however, this does not mean that he or she is a good business manager and have management skills in areas such as finances or people management. We find people assume that business owners are experts in everything, and expect them to make informed decisions on HR, IT, finances, leases and legal agreements, marketing, health and safety and so on.

It is just not possible. And this is why we can offer business owners help – simply because we are also experts in our own field.

Every day in our business we see wonderful people, experts in their fields, struggling to cope at work and at home. Suffering the “pleasure” of owning their own business. Their wonderful hopes of having free time, spending time with the family, having enough cash to go on a decent holiday, have just never quite come to fruition.

We can turn your business success around

Two examples to illustrate the impact of sound business advice on a SME business:

  1. Trade business: Three years ago, the business was making an annual loss of $85k. This financial year the result will be in excess of $250,000 profit.
  2. Construction business: An increase from $740k profit per year, to in excess of $1.0m profit annually in under three years.

These kinds of dramatic changes in business success are possible. SME businesses simply need advice on the right focus and strategy for today; and the future.

Business is as much about focus, structure and planning as it is about actually doing the work

Do you measure the number of quotes you get, the call-backs you get, the productivity of your team, the marketing results, the ROI for your business?

If not let us help you ‘get it right’ in your business and put a plan for success in place. Our team of 29 Business Management Advisors across New Zealand are in the business of helping people.

Give your local Business Consultant a call, and enable your business to succeed in 2018.