The markets of today move very quickly, often leaving SME’s stranded in the past, as they fail to “keep up” with the changes.

In today’ COVID-19 environment, we need to move even more quickly, understanding the difficulties and nuances of our particular market and what to expect around the next corner.

We all have a need to reinvent ourselves more regularly, creating new business opportunities as we go.

Often this may seem insurmountable as we try to manage the day-to-day parts of our business and in doing so, have so little time to look to other areas of importance.

Being able to recognise opportunities early is a skill, one that some see as obvious and others cannot see at all. If we fail to recognise and move on these opportunities, there is a risk of being left behind by our competitors – which one are you?

We as business owners are responsible not just for ourselves and our families but for all our team members and their families. Therefore, we must act responsibly, not just thinking of ourselves, but of others.

Markets are moving frightening quickly, whether that be retail due to our “throw away” society, or manufacturing because the desire for quality in your market has changed.

So, what is the next single best opportunity for our business to pursue?

Our economic base here in NZ has changed dramatically over the years. We no longer make things like we used to, importing is a necessity and continues to grow. Will this affect our business?

We should be anticipating new opportunities and be asking ourselves:

  • Is my SME business ready to change quickly if required?
  • What changes are the most likely to take hold in my industry type?
  • Which direction will put me in the best position?
  • Are my team members ready? Do they understand?
    Do they “get it” like I do? Are they engaged and well informed?
  • Are the KPI’s in my business relevant to our future?
  • Are we asking ourselves the right questions?
  • Do we even know what they are?

Business owners who understand the importance of change will succeed more often than those who do not. Searching for, and grabbing the opportunities as they offer themselves in front of you, beating your competitors who fail to see the future.

If this resonates with you and you feel like you need some outside advice, get in contact with us here at Prime.