Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs | Advisor
Prime Strategies Group
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: 64 21 585 206
Email: [email protected]

Chris is known for his dedication to excellence and quality – both are very much the hallmarks of his own businesses and his involvement in others.

He has behind him a highly successful business legacy that spans three decades during which he ran award-winning hospitality, travel and tourism businesses in New Zealand, Fiji and Australia. Prior to that he worked in the UK and Europe. Chris along with his business partner has taken two ailing companies and one start up and built them into hugely successful businesses. Each of these was taken to a successful exit with a sale of the business to third parties. More recently during semi-retirement Chris had a foray into property development.

Along the way Chris has worked with many SME’s on a less formal level to assist them in the development of their business.

Marketing, branding, product creation is in my DNA – I love it. Get these right and you are well down the path to a successful business.”

Over the years Chris has acquired a broad level of experience in:

  • Setting up a new business or re-inventing an old one
  • Actually enjoying running your business
  • Budget planning and execution
  • Business in Crisis management and restoration
  • Staffing and Team Leadership
  • Business expansion, acquisitions and mergers
  • Planning and executing an exit – the big payday!

Chances are you are in one of these places. Whichever it is I’d love to join you as a mentor/ advisor in your journey and bring all the skill I can to the table for your success.

  • Your business is struggling (a lot are at present)
  • Your business is doing okay but you feel stuck, unsure where to go next
  • Your business has done well and you feel it has great potential. You’d love to “go for it” but that’s a bit scary so a brain to share it all with would be great
  • You have a successful business but you need help planning a successful and profitable exit.

Chris lives on the Shore in Auckland. Outside of business challenges, food, wine, Formula 1, theatre, Pilates and travel to exotic places are what he loves to be doing.

A long time work colleague thinks of Chris as “a creative and driven entrepreneur. Even in really tough fiscal times Chris keeps his balance and there is always a sense of humour lurking. He has an ability to see an opportunity where no-one else sees it – and bring it to fruition successfully.”

Do I sense some interest? Then let’s meet. The first two meetings will cost you two coffees (one each time) but it will give me a good start on understanding your business, your challenges and what you want. After that we’ll decide where we go from there. I look forward to meeting you“

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