Fiona McDonald

Fiona McDonald | Advisor
Prime Strategies Group
Otago / Southern Lakes
Telephone: 64 27 5500 966
Email: [email protected]

Fiona has been living in the Southern Lakes region for over 25 years and combines a remarkable passion for home with extensive area knowledge. Fiona understands the seasonality of the Central Otago and Southern Lakes regions, the highs and lows, and what that means for businesses – constraints and abundance.

As a motivated achiever, Fiona will listen to your needs and provide effective solutions to maintain and grow profit within your SME. Enthusiastic and vibrant, Fiona motivates clients with ease, enjoys challenges and is dedicated to solutions.

Having been self-employed herself for many years, Fiona understands the commitment and discipline that is required to stay focused and views all opportunities as potential. A strong background in business and accounting, as well as a wealth of sales experience, is readily at hand with Fiona in the room. Her trustworthy, honest approach to life and a think-on-her-feet attitude makes building relationships effortless and business life more enjoyable.

Fiona understands things can change in any SME business along with personal lives and situations, and will be ready with a strategy, whatever comes your way.

Outside of business, Fiona enjoys daily walks in the stunning local surrounds, is a very keen and productive hydroponic gardener, a bit of a foodie in her own kitchen, dabbles in creating stained glass creations, treasures all friends and family, travelling the world and living life!

Straight-up solutions, honesty and results

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