Martin Treadwell

Martin Treadwell | Advisor
Prime Strategies Group
Taupo, New Zealand
Telephone:  +64 27 311 7341
Email :  [email protected]

Martin’s career started in the world of manufacturing engineering where he gained a wealth of knowledge from the shop floor to management of plants and people across the world.  His innate ability to combine both hands on skills to the processing and marketing of product has stood him in good stead across a number of industries.

Martin’s initial apprenticeship in the textile industry was run consecutively with a successful sporting career where focused attention against overwhelming odds gave him the strength to battle on multiple fronts.  It is this strength and ability to multitask which led to a natural progression in general management.

Through his years of being a business owner and developing a unique product for market nationally and internationally Martin understands the constraints placed on businesses by development and compliance costs.  He has an unblemished record in health and safety within the work place and his commitment to this is constant, recognising that no business can be successful without a committed, satisfied and safe work environment.  To this end his operational efficiencies are effective both in financial terms and staff resourcing.

Martin’s passion is in business development and this together with his leadership skills and ability to be one of the team enables him to successfully consult to the business community.  He feels very strongly that people are the most important part of any company.  Maintaining active partnerships throughout any business structure is essential to grow profitably and successfully.

One of Martin’s core skills is in developing exit strategies for family owned businesses.  He sits on a number of Boards and Trusts and is motivated to see SME (Small to Medium Enterprises), grow through inter-generational change rather than decline or split through forced re-structuring.

Throughout Martin’s peripatetic business background his management skills have been focused most particularly on the following:

  • Operations:  From staff of 2 and burgeoning business enterprises to budgets in millions Martin is a very hands on approach to the success of physical plant, asset management, and human resources and development.
  • Financial:  A frequent user of various financial systems, Martin has significant experience in financial reporting and accurate assessment of data.
  • Planning:  From proven success in managing raw materials to international marketing of goods, Martin has the ability to see the big picture and plan accordingly.
  • Leadership:  Martin is incredibly competitive and it is this which makes him a standout leader.  When engaged in the development or restructure of a business he does it from the heart.

Martin is a passionate believer in community and family and has spent much of his free time involved in Coastguard and as chairman of the local Community House. He is the ambulance at the top of the cliff on both personal and business sense.

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