Sales & Marketing Advice

Our nationwide team of business mentors are capable of entering any business and identifying the opportunities for better sales and marketing strategy swiftly.

So often in a business the sales staff and the marketing team are pulling in different directions. To reach your sales and marketing objectives, it is crucial to centralise your planning and get everyone working together.

An integrated sales and marketing strategy takes into account the contributions of both your sales and marketing efforts to convert new customers and generate revenue.

An agreed and documented sales and marketing strategy provides insight that allows you to prioritise the issues and opportunities identified and develop tactical plans to address them.

Our Business Advisors will help you evaluate your existing marketing, social media, lead generation, lead nurturing, and account development tactics and provide insight on ways to improve your strategies, helping you to create a robust plan for the future.

Our consultants will assist you to review your progress, identify and solve new issues, and align activities across your team to increase the success of your business.

The groundwork for an effective marketing strategy will include your business objectives, market identification, defining your offering, a competitor review, your strategic positioning, your service level, your marketing channels and distribution strategy.

This information leads to the development of a marketing plan and promotional activity that will provide meaningful support to your sales people, and help grow your business.

A business mentor can help you identify how to build customer loyalty, and where the opportunity for repeat business or new sales are. Find your nearest Prime Strategies business mentor now.



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