As our world starts to try and understand how to deal with Covid, we as Business owners start to try and understand a new way of going about our daily lives, and indeed how we run our respective businesses.

Small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of New Zealand and Australia, the glue that holds our world together.

We are under ever increasing pressure; shut-downs, restrictions on whether we can trade or not, who is allowed in the door and who is not, ever changing Government policy and “rules”, and on top of all this; freight issues, rampant inflation, ever increasing competition from overseas, online sales and so on.

As we move through these strange times, we must remember the wise words of Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

This is so relevant to all SME business.

“We cannot successfully move forward with our life and our business, without making the right changes, for without change, nothing changes.”

If you are struggling in your business, struggling to sleep, working too many hours, making no money, or perhaps having staff retention issues, you need to make a change, right now.

Building a successful business

Successful SME business owners are constantly searching for that “edge”; and more and more are recruiting the services of professional Business Management Consultants or Business Advisors to help them identify opportunities for improvements to their business operations. Actively looking for opportunity gives an SME the competitive edge and a Business Advisor can hold them accountable to doing the “things that really matter”. The guidance of a non-emotional professional at your side is a critical piece of the jigsaw that we have to deal with each day as business owners.

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