I am sure you have heard the statistics.

Herein are some general comments and reminders about the sales market and how successful people “make it”  by beating the sales budget before month end.

  • People don’t see you, notice your advert or even think of you until they have seen it at least 7 times. It is exactly the same for cold calls and contacts…
    On average, it takes at least 7 – 8 calls before you “close a deal” (most people stop before they reach five).
  • Repetition is critically important if you want to stand out in a busy market.
    Repetition not only knocks down the walls of disinterest…but it also increases your exposure to those that may have not noticed you the first time.

    With each repetition of your message your audience grows more familiar with you and your offer, and through time your audience begins to accept your message.
  • Ultimately becoming more comfortable with you.
    This comfort leads to greater trust and this trust ultimately opens the door for a “sale”.

So, what is the key to showing up consistently without “turning off” your audience???

  • Simply presenting the same message in different variations, in a different format, and slightly different copy.
  • Remember, one perfect piece of content won’t have the same impact as 10 good pieces of content shipped out repeatedly.

Does that mean post junk? Hell NO.

But if you choose to play small…you will become irrelevant.

So, play BIG!