Has everybody’s plan gone out the window in the last six months?

Late last year we were all starting to think about the coming Christmas, and the new year was nearly upon us. What were we going to do over the break?

I believe that most of us were looking forward to summer and the New year, 2020.

Well here we are, 2/3rds the way through, summer is a distant memory of lockdown and weeding the garden. It has gone in a flash.

So, what about you? Many families have suffered through a loss in livelihood, a job gone perhaps or a business in deep trouble.

Even those who have had success in the last few months are still wondering what does the next 12 months look like? Will we continue to succeed? Do we need to keep holding our breath like we do when we go past someone in the mall?

In times of stress or trouble we all need the support of others and if you own a business it is even more important.

Whether lockdown is a level 3, a 2.5 or a 2.25, it is still having a deep effect on business here in New Zealand. Restricting movement, larger meetings, conferences, travel overseas and so on.

We are and have to accept a new version of normal, certainly for the time being.

My questions to you are these:

  • Do you need an updated plan for the future?
  • Is your business in decline or seen a decline since February this year?
  • Is your business struggling for cashflow?
  • Is your business struggling to make a profit?
  • Are you stressed about the future?
  • Are you struggling to know what to do in these difficult times?

Prime Strategies Group are a nationwide brand, working with SME businesses just like yours. Assisting with the planning and structure of your business for both survival and profitability.

For some in business we are talking about survival, for some maintaining their position and assuring sustainability. For others, the maintenance of existing profitability and more.

 We are a group of business specialists. Paying our skills forwards to the SME owners in this country – you. If you are answering a “Yes” to any of the above questions or sitting at your office desk in “freeze mode” you need to get in touch with us. Right now. www.primestrategies.co.nz

There are a number of options to help you in your business.

Some of which may enable a support package at the start through Regional Business Partners.

If you have questions or are keen to make a difference in your business, then contact us here at Prime.

Prime have been a credited Training Provider to the Regional Business Partner Programme right since we started. Providing programmes, not just for the recent Covid support but right across the business training sector. The likes of: Planning, Budgeting, Cash Flow forecasting, People Management, Property, Marketing and Sales.

We can work with any business anywhere in the country providing you with realistic, non emotional practical advice.
Work with us, for the future of your business today.

If you believe in your business, take a step forwards and have us help you create your dreams.