6 COMMON Areas of untapped potential

  1. Are you “Niche Marketing” your products or services for maximum lead generation and profit or do you generally do the same as your competition? Effective marketing is changing at an alarming rate and if you present yourself as a “Jack of All Trades” you may soon be seen as a master of none.
  2. Are you using the Internet effectively to generate a consistent stream of quality leads? Do you realise that your internet presence could be your most cost effective source of quality leads if done correctly, and you don’t need to rely on expensive “pay per clicks” advertising to generate traffic. If your website is out dated, or gets little attention you can be almost guaranteed to be missing out on a goldmine of great business every week!
  3. Do you use a specifically designed Sales System that “‘Funnels” your enquiries through to sales at maximum profit margins, or do you just take orders in a hit and miss sort of way? Do you understand DISC Behaviour Types and use the most comfortable buying approach for each prospect or do you just treat everyone the same? Unless you answered YES to all, this one area of your business could be costing you over 30% of your potential sales and at least 20% of your profits!
  4. Do you have a Pro-Active Client Marketing System to keep people coming back as often as possible and spending as much money as possible with you when they do? Or do you just wait in hope of repeat business because you are nice people, or worse still offer the cheapest prices around? If the latter is true, you are missing out on a huge amount of repeat business, profit and probably also wasting a fortune on unnecessary marketing and promotion for your business.
  5. Do you have a GREAT Team of People who work as hard as you in your business and helping you to achieve your goals or do you have trouble finding and keeping the right staff or motivating them to put in a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay? Do you hold regular team meetings to focus on goals or don’t you have time for that? People are a big investment so it makes sense to know how to find the right ones and be able to get the best return from your wages bill.
  6. Do you have Simple Systems in Place to ensure daily operations run smoothly and problems get corrected so they don’t happen again or are YOU the System people must rely on to know what to do? If your business relies on you then consider what would happen if you couldn’t go to work for three months or more. Would you still have a business? Would it be making money or would you be left with an empty car park?