Using time intentionally means you will achieve more and enjoy yourself more fully in your work and life, every day.

Steps to effective time management 

  • More effective use of your time with people
  • More effective use of your time on projects and related activities
  • Knowing how to multi-task, but not multi-people. People are not tasks.
  • Understanding how to effectively use any planner/calendar/PDA
  • Fully focusing in the moment to maximize the value of the time invested in each relationship, project or activity

5 Time management super skills

To achieve these things, we need 5 core skills to get more of what is important done, in less time. 

Better Use of Time in Relationships

Quickly determining the most important actions to take now to create or improve on and off the job relationships.

Better Use of Time on Projects

Prioritizing the most important projects and related activities to act on now.

Commitment and Follow Through

Connecting priority decisions to specific calendar times and dates and making them happen. Prevent commitments from falling through the cracks.

Focusing in the Moment

Maximizing, through focus, the value of time, even small moments, invested in relationships, projects and activities.

Clarity of Purpose

Efficiently doing things is only valuable if you are doing the right things. Clarifying your way of living goals insures that you are accomplishing your most meaningful work and life objectives on a daily basis.

The result of smart time management

More achievement and enjoyment for you, your team and your organization, everyday, both on and off the job.