Growth and innovation take the right plans, adequate resources & a dose of attitude to succeed

Are you at the right stage for business growth? We’d love to introduce you to one of our nationwide network of Business Advisors who will sit with you to uncover your business threats and opportunities – and outline a robust strategy for growth.

MBIE have developed this short quiz to help you weigh up whether you’re ready to grow your business.

Note question 3. – Have you sought professional advice. If you haven’t, do get in touch now, it is a crucial step in ensuring successful business growth!

Under Common Growth Strategies MBIE also recommend that you “Work with advisors to choose which growth strategy is the most appropriate for you — and continue to do so as you grow. Surrounding yourself with an extensive support network will help you achieve better results.”

Common Growth Strategies – each has risks and advantages!

Growth strategy What it’s for
Product development Creating new products and services for existing markets.
Market penetration Selling more existing products and services to existing markets.
Market development Selling existing products and services to new markets, eg another part of New Zealand.
Diversification Developing new products and services for new markets, eg exporting.

Let’s get started on planning your best business growth strategy!