As the world becomes ever smaller, small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) experience ever increasing greater pressure; competition from overseas, online competition and so on.

As we move through these ever-changing times we must remember the words of Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

This is so relevant to all SME business in New Zealand.

“We cannot move forward successfully, without making the right changes and trying different approaches to how we do things.”

Those struggling in their business, working too hard, making no profit, or perhaps having staff problems will continue with these issues if they do not actively apply change. The one thing we can be sure of is that “if you change nothing, nothing will change”.

Building successful New Zealand SMEs

Successful SME business owners are constantly searching for that “edge”; and more and more are recruiting the services of professional Business Management Consultants or Business Advisors to help them identify opportunities for improvements to their business operations. Actively looking for opportunity gives an SME the competitive edge and a Business Advisor can hold them accountable to doing the “things that really matter”.

Business Advisors: A rapidly growing service industry

The increasing need for professional business advice in the SME business field has seen rapid growth in New Zealand’s Business Management Consulting industry, and Prime Strategies Group is proud to be one of the largest networks of Business Advisors leading the way in this exciting and rewarding occupation.

The Prime Strategies team has developed professional business management systems and processes and implemented a unique way of challenging SME business owners in everything they do, thereby ensuring that they use the best possible business practices.

We have recruited a network of Business Advisors with impressive senior management experience across New Zealand and our business consultants work together diligently to improve the business and life of each of our SME Business Owner clients.

If you would like expert business advice for your business, please get in touch now with your local Business Advisor!


The ever-increasing demand for expert Business Advisors is driving a rapid expansion of our national team – so if you have been thinking of a career change and have an interest in running your own business consultancy activity under our umbrella, with access to a vast amount of IP, Systems and Software to empower you to operate successfully in the business consulting industry, please click to find out more about becoming a Business Advisor.