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The confidence of your clients is the ultimate recommendation.


Read on to see what some of Prime Strategies clients have to say about how their business consultant has changed the way they work.

We have worked with John for two years. During this time John illustrated passion and had sound philosophies that bettered our business and provided us with an awareness about the business that we had not previously considered. John was instrumental in: Establishing new income source for the business, Encouraging a focused marketing plan, Helping us to understand what our target market was, Reviewing pricing and packages, Creating improved communication channels through out the business, Clarifying our organisational structure and roles, Holding us accountable and motivating us, Providing a good sounding board, Assisting with negotiating the new lease. I would definitely recommend John to any future prospect.

Phil Buckley

Director, Formula E
In 2006 we bought a collision repair business, with a vision of growing the business bit by bit. It grew a lot faster than we had planned with work flow, staff and premises. We did not have control of it. We were working 14 hour days with hardly any breaks while the staff did 8 hours a day. We had been stressed for so long it was normal to feel like that. We were too tired in the weekends to have any quality time with our family, and where was the profit? Something needed to change.We have been working with Chris Walbran for just over four months and we now have control of our business again, and more importantly we work normal hours with breaks. We have our quality of life back. Work is enjoyable and exciting. Chris has taught us how to take control with no stress, plan for the future and how to make a profit. After working with Chris in some very stressful situations his experience was obvious by the how calm he is and how he explains the steps needed to take to get back on track. He genuinely cares about us succeeding. As a business owner we are expected to know it all. It’s so nice to have someone as part of our team that we can call on when we are not sure what to do. We only wish he’d worked with him sooner.

Malc & Trina Russell

Russell’s Paint & Panel
When we bought our new business we were relying on our 25+ years of business experience. Our journey however has been made easier when we engaged the services of Martin Treadwell from Prime Strategies Group as our Business Mentor. Not only have we benefited from the guidance and expertise of Martin, but also the guidance and expertise of the wider team from the Prime Strategies Group. Being treated like people and not $$$$ is the secret that makes this an excellent partnership; one that has been invaluable in helping us position ourselves to take advantage of the fast growing hospitality market we serve.

Frank Daken

DMBC Group Ltd
My husband and I employed the services of Prime Strategies in June this year. We have been working with Chris Walbran since then on a weekly basis and his knowledge and experience have been invaluable to our business. He has surpassed our expectations in his ability to pick up information about our business and to apply meaningful strategies for success. He has been available any time and has been a valuable member of our team when dealing with banks, staff issues and clients. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and contacts, which he can source to solve complex issues. His ability to set up systems and create utilization targets and KPIs has focused us and enabled the business to grow in a positive direction. He is very hands on and does a vast amount of work for us “behind the scenes”. We cannot recommend Chris more highly and have complete faith in his ability to work with us in a professional and discrete manner.

Sarah and Alister Twisleton

We all think we have it covered when running our businesses, but it wasn’t until I was contacted by Prime Strategies that I realized just how little time I actually did commit to working on my business. Yeah I know it’s an old cliché, but surprisingly accurate.My wife and I have been using Prime Strategies for almost 4 years now. Initially I was a bit sceptical as to what it was that Prime Strategies could offer us, but after a few sessions with John Cleghorn it quickly became apparent that he was going to be an extremely valuable asset to our business. I have always written annual business plans as a guide to what we want to achieve over the following 12 months, but the value that John has added to the structure and content of these plans has been a big factor in the growth and stability of our company. John and I meet for about 3 hours on a weekly basis and this allows me the critical time needed to focus on planning and fine tuning our business goals & strategies, setting sales budgets, looking back at our strengths and weaknesses, putting in place important KPI’s. An outside pair of eyes always sees things that we don’t. This coupled with their vast experience and business knowledge is key to building a strong and profitable business and this is what Prime Strategies have done for us. Staff management has become easier with the guidance now offered and we have managed to gather a great team of individuals around us, all who clearly understand their roles within the company and they all strive to meet their targets and job expectations. John is an important and well accepted member of this team and will continue to be so into the future.

Digby Morton

General Manager, D&L Marketing Int Ltd
Dealing with the immense task of running a business, managing staff, finances and everything else that comes with this is often more than overwhelming. Prime Strategies Group’s Associate Stuart Duncan was called upon to analyse the business and assist the company in achieving our goals.Through Stuart’s dedication and attention to detail we have managed to identify key areas of the business that needed some attention, in doing so we have over the past few months increased productivity and efficiency, achieved goals based on clearer forward planning and so much more. What’s great about having this process done by Prime Strategies Group and Stuart, is that they know our business inside and out and are a phone call away when we need additional advice. Thank you to Stuart and his team.

Lee Elgar

Events Centre Manager, Potters Park Events Centre
The directors of Fluid Chemicals would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your time and expertise during the last eighteen months. Your help came at a time when we needed to consolidate and focus on our targets, strengths and weaknesses as the business ownership transitioned from John and Marcia to Ben, Mark and Kristen.During this time we have successfully rebranded from Applied to Fluid Chemicals and improved internal processes to ensure we are better managing our people and products as well as health and safety. I personally found it useful having a business mentor who was able to ask some of the more ‘difficult’ questions- prompting us to evaluate some of our decisions from a new perspective. Thank you for the role you have played in helping us keep focused while navigating through these complicated and important processes. Am more than happy to speak to prospective clients if they have any queries about your work with us.

Ben Anderson

Fluid Chemicals NZ
I never knew there is so much help available. Crikey I struggled for years before I just started asking and I wish I had put my hand up earlier.

Daniel Watson

Vertech IT Services