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Read on to see what some of Prime Strategies clients have to say about how their business consultant has changed the way they work.

Kind words from our clients

Final Touch – Client of Karl Hazewinkel

We needed someone to keep us focused and help us see the full picture of how we are tracking every month, both in terms of our financial results and the longer term vision for our business. It’s too easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks, and lose sight of the future.

Having a financial background, Karl has helped us make sense of the numbers so we can now understand them clearly each month, and use them for monitoring performance across all the different aspects of the business and making decisions. He’s not afraid to challenge us and together we explore ideas. He keeps us focused on our business plans, and I know he has our back.

I’m grateful to work with someone who is proactive and truly wants us to succeed and we are now actually excited about the future of the business.


Gordon and Emma McKerchar
Final Touch, Auckland

Primacc Systems – Client of John Francis

Working with John has been the catalyst for huge change for us at Primacc over the past year… His suggestions and input from our very first meeting have been the essence of completely validating and documenting our philosophy and mandate of why we’re even in business – maybe that philosophy was always there but we always struggled to actual verbalise and action it. It’s great to now feel more confident in what our purpose is, communicating the purpose and working as a team towards it with better tools to assist us.

We now have a clear business strategy where we communicate regularly and accurately, we have solid KPI reporting and are successfully working towards it with good and steady financial successes of better than 30% already having been achieved.
The great thing about working with John is that there is no pressure and we work as quickly or slowly as we all need to get the result, which is fantastic and much appreciated.

If anyone would like to discuss this reference in more detail, please give me a call on 021 377 682.

Bryce Kerkhof
Primacc Systems Ltd

Connect Security Products – Client of John Francis

It is an honour and privilege to recommend John Francis.

I am currently the General Manager for Connect Security Products Ltd (CSP), where I have worked for seven years.

Four years ago John Francis began to work closely with our CEO, Jason Mackie, in a business advisory role (I was Finance and Office Manager at the time). Initially John addressed profitability within the company, guiding us towards achieving – and maintaining – 35% gross profit margin. John schooled the team on product and service pride and the importance of protecting our margin, and engaged a third party to deliver Customer Service training.

In parallel, John and I began implementing more structure around our administrative and operating processes, bringing transparency – and consequent accountability – within the Management Team.

In the latter part of 2017, I assumed the role of General Manager at CSP, and John’s and my relationship of mentor/mentoree began in earnest. John’s strong background in sales and customer service dovetailed beautifully with my finance background, and CSP began moving forward in leaps and bounds. With John’s guidance, we have completely reshaped the internal culture of our company to one that is customer-centric, solution-focused, happy, productive and with a strong sense of pride and personal contribution.

Our biggest wins are:

  • Almost doubling the revenue of the company in four years
  • Maintaining 35% gross profit margin, year on year
  • Encouraging challenge around operating costs (currently to budget)
  • Scoring 93% customer satisfaction survey ratings across the company
  • Cultivating and retaining a staff that consists only of A-players
  • Creating an environment where accountability and continuous improvement are not goals, but simply the way we work each day

On a personal note, working with John is one of the greatest joys in my day. Cheerful and personable, John has an enviable ability to bring the hard truths to the table in a constructive manner, forward-focusing on adaptation rather than retrospection.
He has a wide range of experience within and across industries and is tremendously connected: we have been able to form a number of solid business connections via John’s network.

To my mind, it is this enormous experience in relationship-building that complete John’s skillset. He has assisted in the recruitment of a number of our current A-players, and guided us to upskill or re-home those who weren’t the right fit for our organization. He is a great barometer for our team: the staff each have a personal relationship with John and understand he is available to them in a formal or informal capacity as needed.

I cannot picture an organization where John would not be able to add value in some capacity: working with him has re-shaped my goals for our company, our stakeholders and our team.

I would be delighted to discuss this reference further, should it be required.

Yours sincerely,
Vicki Woolley
General Manager
Connect Security Products


D & L Marketing Int Ltd – Client of John Cleghorn

We all think we have it covered when running our businesses, but it wasn’t until I was contacted by Prime Strategies that I realized just how little time I actually did commit to working on my business. Yeah I know it’s an old cliché, but surprisingly accurate.My wife and I have been using Prime Strategies for almost 4 years now. Initially I was a bit sceptical as to what it was that Prime Strategies could offer us, but after a few sessions with John Cleghorn it quickly became apparent that he was going to be an extremely valuable asset to our business.

I have always written annual business plans as a guide to what we want to achieve over the following 12 months, but the value that John has added to the structure and content of these plans has been a big factor in the growth and stability of our company.

John and I meet for about 3 hours on a weekly basis and this allows me the critical time needed to focus on planning and fine tuning our business goals & strategies, setting sales budgets, looking back at our strengths and weaknesses, putting in place important KPI’s.

An outside pair of eyes always sees things that we don’t. This coupled with their vast experience and business knowledge is key to building a strong and profitable business and this is what Prime Strategies have done for us.

Staff management has become easier with the guidance now offered and we have managed to gather a great team of individuals around us, all who clearly understand their roles within the company and they all strive to meet their targets and job expectations. John is an important and well accepted member of this team and will continue to be so into the future.

Digby Morton
General Manager
D&L Marketing Int Ltd

Russell’s Paint & Panel – Client of Chris Walbran

In 2006 we bought a collision repair business, with a vision of growing the business bit by bit. It grew a lot faster than we had planned with work flow, staff and premises. We did not have control of it. We were working 14 hour days with hardly any breaks while the staff did 8 hours a day.

We had been stressed for so long it was normal to feel like that. We were too tired in the weekends to have any quality time with our family, and where was the profit? Something needed to change.We have been working with Chris Walbran for just over four months and we now have control of our business again, and more importantly we work normal hours with breaks.

We have our quality of life back. Work is enjoyable and exciting.

Chris has taught us how to take control with no stress, plan for the future and how to make a profit. After working with Chris in some very stressful situations his experience was obvious by the how calm he is and how he explains the steps needed to take to get back on track. He genuinely cares about us succeeding.As a business owner we are expected to know it all. It’s so nice to have someone as part of our team that we can call on when we are not sure what to do. We only wish he’d worked with him sooner.

Malc & Trina Russell
Russell’s Paint & Panel

DMBC Group – Client of Martin Treadwell

When we bought our new business we were relying on our 25+ years of business experience.

Our journey however has been made easier when we engaged the services of Martin Treadwell from Prime Strategies Group as our Business Mentor. Not only have we benefited from the guidance and expertise of Martin, but also the guidance and expertise of the wider team from the Prime Strategies Group.

Being treated like people and not $$$$ is the secret that makes this an excellent partnership; one that has been invaluable in helping us position ourselves to take advantage of the fast growing hospitality market we serve.

Frank Daken
DMBC Group Ltd

Sarah and Alister Twisleton – Client of Chris Walbran

My husband and I employed the services of Prime Strategies in June this year.

We have been working with Chris Walbran since then on a weekly basis and his knowledge and experience have been invaluable to our business. He has surpassed our expectations in his ability to pick up information about our business and to apply meaningful strategies for success. He has been available any time and has been a valuable member of our team when dealing with banks, staff issues and clients.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge and contacts, which he can source to solve complex issues. His ability to set up systems and create utilization targets and KPIs has focused us and enabled the business to grow in a positive direction. He is very hands on and does a vast amount of work for us “behind the scenes”.

We cannot recommend Chris more highly and have complete faith in his ability to work with us in a professional and discrete manner.

Sarah and Alister Twisleton

Phil – Client of Andrew Moffat

Andrew has a holistic view of everything and knows the vision for my business. Plus, he’s able to deal with both managing taxes, business plans and growth, as well as employee issues, staff reviews and our management structure and style. That means he can assist us with dealing with change at management level. This is vital for an evolving business like ours. The real truth is if I didn’t have Andrew, I wouldn’t be here today. Even though we are no longer in a crisis situation, there is a different level of stress now. We have to focus on maximising our resources and investing wisely in the future of the business.

He helps with all of this and he’s easy to get along with, it’s easy to have a conversation with him – even if it is a tough conversation. He’s empathetic and really cares about the business.

Business Owner

The directors of Fluid Chemicals would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your time and expertise during the last eighteen months. Your help came at a time when we needed to consolidate and focus on our targets, strengths and weaknesses as the business ownership transitioned from John and Marcia to Ben, Mark and Kristen.During this time we have successfully rebranded from Applied to Fluid Chemicals and improved internal processes to ensure we are better managing our people and products as well as health and safety.

I personally found it useful having a business mentor who was able to ask some of the more ‘difficult’ questions- prompting us to evaluate some of our decisions from a new perspective.

Thank you for the role you have played in helping us keep focused while navigating through these complicated and important processes. Am more than happy to speak to prospective clients if they have any queries about your work with us.

Ben Anderson
Fluid Chemicals NZ

Hairs2u – Client of Martin Treadwell

To whom it may concern,

I have been working closely with Martin Treadwell for the past 6 months and have found him extremely professional and always readily available. He helped me look at my business in a different light which in turn gave me confidence to move away from what I was doing and begin a whole new venture that is providing a better income and work/life balance.

I have Martin to thank for this and would, and do, recommend him to anyone thinking of using Prime Strategies.

I wish Martin nothing but the best.

Angela Duncan

Newman Graphics – Client of Chris Walbran

Hello Chris

Hope you and your family are all well in your lock-down bubble.

I have something that I want to say to you and have wanted to for a long time but never had the time.

Thank you for the very professional and friendly way that you handled the sale or Newman Graphics recently, the way that you guided and supported us was just amazing, the way you dealt with the buyer, the accountants, the lawyer, an got a very good result and outcome for me and the family. The way you still pop in weekly just to check and see if you can do anything to help.

You are truly above and beyond, not only for me but also my family, especially Anna. We have the very highest regard for you, our respect and friendship you have truly earned. Thank you.

You are a very good man that we hold in the highest regard.

Thank you again.

Allan Newman
Newman Graphics

Potters Park Events Centre – Client of Stuart Duncan (previous employee)

Dealing with the immense task of running a business, managing staff, finances and everything else that comes with this is often more than overwhelming. Prime Strategies Group’s Associate Stuart Duncan was called upon to analyse the business and assist the company in achieving our goals.

Through Stuart’s dedication and attention to detail we have managed to identify key areas of the business that needed some attention, in doing so we have over the past few months increased productivity and efficiency, achieved goals based on clearer forward planning and so much more.

What’s great about having this process done by Prime Strategies Group and Stuart, is that they know our business inside and out and are a phone call away when we need additional advice.

Thank you to Stuart and his team.

Lee Elgar
Events Centre Manager
Potters Park Events Centre

Terri Thiel – Client of Chris Walbran

Chris entered our office at a time when our business was in real trouble, and I mean I real trouble. I hadn’t realized that my husband’s highly accoladed and successful business had been told by the bank month’s ago that there were cashflow issues, and now here they were talking foreclosure. What had the Board been doing I asked? Suffice to say that by the time Chris came along, the Board had been fired, we were on our own and I was in panic mode. Whilst it was even too late for Chris’ expertise to get our business back to a state of a ‘going concern’ (which I have no doubt he could have done had the timing been different) he did give us some incredible advice of things to look at, things to do to try to get it back on track. In the end though, it was too late, and this is when Chris gave us the best advice which was to fully cooperate with our Receivers (we went in to Voluntary Administration). The result of which meant the bank was extremely lenient on us. Aside from the great advice, Chris helped enormously by just having a sounding board and mentoring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him should you need business assistance.

Terri Thiel
Business Owner

Axiom Hydraulics – Client of Martin Treadwell

When we first contacted Martin Treadwell and Prime Strategies Ltd my company was doing OK, making money and going from one day to the next but with a lot of stress and energy from my part.

Prime Strategies Ltd is a management company skilled in growing the economic strength of a company.  Their due diligence recognises and improves any weak points whilst growing core strengths.

When Martin Treadwell started working with us at Axiom it quickly became evident that he understood the company processes and our end goals.  As a consultant he was available 24/7. Together with Prime Strategies he offered an invaluable resource to equip Axiom with the skills and processes to move the company to a more managed environment.

Martin’s strength as a consultant was his vast industry experience. Not only in staff management but in production and product development.  He earned my respect and respected my opinions. Axiom now has a team which is taking more responsibilities, motivated , happy , proactive and working together.

I would like to thank Martin for his valuable assistance and support.  I now have the processes in place which allows me to spend more time working on the business not in, and with family.


Kind regards



Axiom Hydraulics Ltd

Notable Pictures – Client of Fiona Anderson

“There is considerable benefit to having an advisor working alongside you in your screen business. They can help you bring together a vision, strategy and plan and then work through this step by step with you to see it realised. They are an external voice while always putting your best interests first.”

Julia Parnell
Notable Pictures

Ultra Trailers – Client of Steve Pulley (previous advisor)

Steve suggested we do an assessment on the company and review all our practices to see where we may need to implement best practise. We looked at all facets of business including, sales & marketing, planning & strategy, processes and implementation. On multiple levels Steve was able to give great advice that we put in place and saw very good gains and results. I highly recommend Steve as someone that can take your business to the next level.

Richard Newson

Ultra Trailers

NZ Detector Dog Services – Client of Steve Pulley (previous advisor)

As a small business owner I was requiring assistance & business advice. You have a lot of hats to wear and I needed someone with a good skill set to help with the direction of my company, planning, strategy and to ensure that my business was using best practice in relation to all aspects of our operations. I was lucky enough to encounter Steve Pulley of Prime Strategies. Steve’s help, advice and wide knowledge has been invaluable to me. He has a wealth of knowledge and advice around general business, planning, sales and digital marketing that is relevant and achievable. His support and direction has not only helped me get a clearer understanding of my business, put relevant and effective plans in place, but it has also been very motivating. Steve delivers what he says he will and in the nicest possible way. He turns up on time and is organised and is a great communicator. I would recommend him to any business owner that just need some support and guidance without getting overwhelmed.

Janet Williams

NZ Detector Dog Services

Hibiscus Enterprises (Flea Flea) – Client of Steve Pulley (previous advisor)

We have developed a great partnership with Steve Pulley since our initial meeting 3 months ago. We appreciate his enthusiasm and energy. We are impressed by his attention to detail which included creating a very useful customer sales analysis spreadsheet and conducting a small customer survey. He has presented many good ideas and kept us focused and on track


Kind regards

Louise and Win
Hibiscus Enterprises (Flea Flea)

Jason Morrison Funerals – Client of Karl Hazewinkel

We met Karl at a time when we were working through a major challenge in our business. From the moment Karl came on board with us, we knew we were in capable and professional hands. He helped us to see our business through a different lens and with his gentle and positive manner, enabled us to make forward plans, focus our skills and find new opportunities for our business.

Karl keeps us on track by working through our figures with us on a regular basis and acts as a sounding board for our ideas. He doesn’t flannel you with a lot of jargon and makes subjects we had previously found rather overwhelming, easy to understand and even enjoyable!

In summary, along with cheering us on, Karl keeps our future goals in front of us and most importantly keeps us accountable and on track to realise these goals. So we have no hesitation recommending Karl to any small to medium size business wanting not just to grow but to thrive.


Jason and Nicola Morrison
Jason Morrison Funerals

Quality Print Limited – Client of Martin Treadwell

As a Director of Quality Print I was contacted by Prime Strategies in relation to Business Coaching.
Having been in business a good number of years I was confident I knew enough about running things and didn’t need additional help.

I was asked quite a few strategic questions in relation to profit which I was unable to answer, so thought perhaps I should at least have the introductory meeting.

I met with Martin to familiarise what Prime had to offer and decided to take up the 3 month challenge which I extended to 6 months being keen to see some things through that Martin had implemented.

Martins experience across a number of business types has been great in helping navigate some of the issues at Quality Print especially given I have only ever been in one industry.

What strikes me with Martin is how enthusiastic he is around people, he was very forthcoming and happy to facilitate staff meetings, alternatively just at home with one on ones where he felt it was required. I feel he has a good judge of character and likes to see people in action rather than just getting someone else’s take on a situation.

Martin has a larger-than-life character who loves to see results but puts great value in having a laugh along the way and can easily lift one’s spirits when the chips are a little low.

I would recommend Martin’s expertise and experience for any business or organisation looking for an edge.

Please do not hesitate to call me if I can assist Martin in regard to this Testimonial.


Shawn Vennell
Quality Print Ltd.

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