Breton Dobbs

Breton Dobbs | Associate
Prime Strategies Group
Hamilton, New Zealand
Telephone:  +64 21 550 443
Email:  [email protected]

Breton has built a successful career in marketing and business management for four decades; from ad agencies and corporate roles to owning and operating businesses.

After thirteen years advancing his career in the UK Breton returned to New Zealand in 2001 to pursue a better work / life balance. He first applied his considerable range of skills to consultancy work before co-founding a retail franchise business, growing it from one to fourteen stores over the next six years.

Breton’s core strengths include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Branding & Relationship management

  • B2B / B2C Marketing & Communications

  • Research & Online survey modeling

  • Website integration & optimization

  • Sponsorships & Project management

  • Franchising, Retail & Service Sectors

Energetic and passionate about his work Breton thrives on challenges, problem solving, identifying opportunities and optimizing performance. He does this with a compelling blend of:


  • Forty years marketing and business management positions across several industry sectors.

  • Breton has worked extensively with global organizations and local businesses, as well as owned and managed successful businesses, but never far away from the coal face.

“Through this experience I know and understand the value of teamwork, planning, relationship management and responsible financial stewardship.”


  • Breton is a creative thinker and strong strategic planner.

  • Knows how to use research to understand the marketplace / issues and help find solutions.

  • Strong on making brands relevant and sustainable, separating perceptions from reality

“I’m a stickler for detail but never lose sight of the bigger picture, and believe some of the best ideas and opportunities come from lateral thinking.”


  • Breton advocates structure and process as cornerstones to successful business

  • It’s also important to be flexible so the business can react, adjust and evolve

  • Standards, integrity and credibility are values that build reputations; Breton has structured departments, written operating manuals, brand disciplines, instituted CRM and workflow programmes to ensure businesses practice what they preach and delivery on promises.

“…but remember that business is about people, relationships and enjoying what you do.”


Breton is customer focused and a strong believer in collaboration, the power of the brand, digital integration and proactive planning

“I love what I do; it gets me out of bed in the morning. I also know that Prime can make a difference because as a resource we practice what we preach, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Team.”

Breton lives in Cambridge and balances his passion for work with a passion for sport, especially golf. When he’s not doing either he relaxes by walking the dog, cycling and pursuing a general interest in history.

If you’re wanting to improve business performance and enjoy a better work / life balance give Breton a call.

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