James Nicholson-Plank

James Nicholson-Plank | Associate
Prime Strategies Group
Telephone: 64 21 751 088
[email protected]

James comes from 4 generations of Kiwi business owners and knows what small business ownership is all about and is a self-professed “simplicity” addict. James cut his teeth on productivity improvements in Manufacturing in corporate NZ in the 80’s, then pioneered industry firsts with software for Radio Stations one of the first internet eCommerce systems developed in NZ. He did this for less than “six per cent” of the multimillion-dollar budget invested by the challenging corporate.

James believes Business Owners know their business better than anyone, but often can’t see the wood for the trees. In our own businesses, we are too close to our game. I know this game, I lived it for 23 years. We don’t live for our businesses, but our families think we do.

James knows that in business it’s a lot easier to working shoulder to shoulder with someone who knows what to fix next, and how to do it. Someone who’s got your back and will give you a kick up the bum when you need it.

James’ developed skills and experience from working through extreme growth, technology disruption, and ‘Act of God’ events (earthquake etc).

These skills include:

  • Creating a leaner more profitable business after forced change. (like losing a major client, , dealing with an earthquake, or financial crisis)
  • Process and people development, so your business can run without you. These improvements allow you to take longer holidays and more Fridays off without worry.
  • Team building. To reduce frustration and friction in the workplace, and reduce your personal stress levels.
  • Customer service and admin automation. To reduce overheads by giving your customers access to your business, so they do the data entry work for you.
  • Developing marketing messages to persuade new clients to try your business.
  • Sales lead generation, and conversion to maximise sales opportunities.
  • Accelerated Profit-First strategies to achieve your wealth objectives early.

With a relaxed and easy manner, James is well placed to squeeze every last ounce of productivity and growth from your business. Plus, he’ll be happy to have a laugh and beer with you at the end of it all.


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