James Nicholson-Plank

James Nicholson-Plank | Advisor
Prime Strategies Group
Telephone: 64 21 751 088
[email protected]

James comes from 4 generations of Kiwi business owners and is a self-professed “simplicity” addict. Cutting his teeth on productivity improvements in manufacturing in corporate NZ in the 80’s, he then pioneered industry firsts in software for Radio Stations. James joins us after running his own business for 25 years creating automation systems for the publishing industry.
James’ brings skills and experience with extreme growth, technology disruption, and ‘Act of God’ events (earthquake etc).

Skills include:
* Creating a leaner more profitable business after forced change. (like losing a major client, dealing with an earthquake, or financial crisis)
* Setting up your business to successfully run without you. (Process and people development)
* Management Team Development.
* Automation to improve customer service and admin.
* New client acquisition strategies.
* Sales lead generation, and conversion to maximise sales opportunities.
* Accelerated Profit-First strategies to achieve your wealth objectives early.

With a relaxed and easy manner, James is well placed to squeeze every last ounce of productivity and growth from your business. Plus, he’ll be happy to have a laugh and beer with you at the end of it all.


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