John Cleghorn

John Cleghorn | Partner
Prime Strategies Group
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 27 433 9185
Email:  [email protected]

John made the decision to go into Business Consulting after a long and successful career as a senior executive with a number of major New Zealand based International Companies.

His decision was primarily based on his love of helping people succeed both personally and in business.

John’s working life spans a Printing Apprenticeship, the NZ Police, Retail store ownership and National Sales and Purchasing roles along with Senior Executive Management, large Retail Operations and the Brewing and Hospitality industry.

Specialising of late with small to medium size business’ and franchising, John’s track record of achievement puts him in just the right place to help people in business who are struggling to find the time to get things done or are looking to improve their current position. Whether that is; through business expansion or spending some time in establishing the business strengths and getting that forward planning into place.

John’s business experience is broad and includes:

  • Leasing, Site Identification, Negotiation proceedings
  • Business set-up; Budgeting, Finance, Procurement, Commercial equipment. Store layouts and the like
  • Budget planning and execution
  • Acquisitions and Mergers and Franchising
  • Staffing and Team Leadership
  • Business expansion and Franchising
  • Branding

People in business often need someone to have a good look from the outside – to provide opinions and expertise that gives a different outlook on the business. John’s expertise along with the rigorous analysis provided by the Prime Strategies Group will make sure you get the right advice and provide strong and competent assistance for you going forward. It is time to take the pressure off.

John and his wife Julie have two children and four grandchildren and live on the North Shore in Auckland.

John believes that Success is only as good as the effort we put into making it so. Give John a call and spend your future smiling about your decision.

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