Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor | Partner
Prime Strategies Group
Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 275 418 346
Email: [email protected]

Stuart made the decision to go into Business Consulting after a long and successful career as a Senior Executive with a number of major New Zealand based international companies. He has held a number of executive and governance roles and is currently Chairman of New Zealand’s Leather and Shoe Research Institute.

Stuart is a strategically focused business consultant with extensive experience in managing large and small scale operations in a regulated environment. He has a proven track record in challenging the status quo to seek, initiate and lead continual improvements in business performance.

Stuart has a Masters Degree in Business Administration through Massey University which has complimented his experience in business management.

Stuart’s key strengths include:

  • Strong ability to lead and develop capability
  • Thorough, analytical and commercially focused
  • Excellent problem solving skills even under adverse conditions
  • Significant project management experience championing many site redesign projects
  • Seasoned professional in change management, organisational restructure and strategic planning
  • Inclusive leadership style with experience in multicultural workforces
  • Strong employee relations capability with a win/win negotiation approach
  • Commercially focused analytical decision making
  • Experienced in LEAN manufacturing, having chaired the Hawkes Bay Group of companies employing LEAN for the last 5 years.
  • Confident public speaker, key note speaking on high performance workplace culture to a number of national conferences.

Stuart is an Associate in the Prime Strategies Group and works alongside some of New Zealand’s most experienced business consultants and is based in Hawkes Bay.

Stuart is married to Helen and they have 3 sons who are now progressing their own careers. Stuart & Helen live on their farm in Central Hawkes Bay where they enjoy the best of both worlds. Outside of Prime Strategies Group Stuart enjoys life at the beach, farming, cooking, wine, and catching up with friends.

Stuart is available for discussion should you wish to take a step to making the business the one that you dreamed of. In response to those that say stop dreaming and face reality, Stuart says keep dreaming and make reality. You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

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