Change Management and coping with organisational changes is always a high risk field, but if done correctly, can make your business stronger than ever.

5 Tips that help manage resistance to change.

These tips are taken from Prosci’s change management best practices research, conducted over the last two decades:

  • Do change management right the first time
  • Expect resistance to change
  • Address resistance formally
  • Identify the root causes of resistance
  • Engage the “right” resistance managers

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7 Ways to engage employees in change management

Culture change expert Dr. John Kotter stated in an interview that “70% of all organizational change efforts fail, and one reason for this is executives simply don’t get enough buy-in, from enough people, for their initiatives and ideas.” Securing buy-in from most of your employees will require extra effort. However, you increase the odds of your success if you take the time to engage employees in your change management plans.

Read these 7 tips in the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Centre. Image also courtesy of Ritz-Carlton.