This article from Amy Florence in EC&M is a great checklist for the winter months or any slow period.

“When sales drop and the economy tightens, electrical contractors’ knee-jerk response may be to pull advertising and cancel marketing campaigns, but in the words of William Wrigley of the chewing gum empire, “That is like shutting off the fuel to an airplane in mid-flight.”

Rather than decreasing marketing in tough times, [businesses] need to invest more time and money in attracting and retaining clients.”

Non-negotiables include:

  1. having a Marketing Plan
  2. ensuring your website is up to scratch, and
  3. paying attention to your existing clients.

We also believe in looking at ways to drum up business using outside help to challenge your ways of doing business, and to challenge you. This may mean calling on a PR firm or a promotional agency – but it should definitely include obtaining the assistance of a up to date and practical business advisor.