Owners of small and medium businesses often feel they are standing alone against the world, says Prime Strategies Partner, Rob Drower. He believes that many business owners are looking for affordable business advice and management support, but don’t know where to find them.

Drower adds that the small business reality of working with limited time and resources means that most SME business owners are unable to step back and create strategic business plans, and instead find themselves in a state of constant fire-fighting.

This view was backed up in a recent article by Aimee Shaw for the New Zealand Herald, which read:

“New Zealand’s small and medium-sized companies are lacking the support they need to grow, according to a survey of 700 business owners. 

Research outlined in “The State of SME” report reveals four out of five owners of small businesses feel isolated, and a third lack the knowledge and support needed to grow.

  • 61% of business owners had not yet contemplated retirement
  • 38% were concerned they would never be in a position to do so and
  • 34% said planning was an area they would like to improve on.”

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