Improving your relationships and the trust and influence you have with others should be a life-long goal and project. Increasing your sphere of influence is more science than accident.

Below are six areas you must master in order to maximise the influence you need to be successful.

Intention Cues

How consistently do you enter social interactions, including conversations with your loved ones and those you see on a regular basis, with a clear intention of what you want to feel, experience or accomplish in the interaction?

Do you have clear cues that remind you to be your best self in social situations?

Energy Triggers

Do you have mental triggers to remind you to improve your energy around others?

Do you have tricks or techniques you use to consistently raise your level of positivity, presence and energy throughout the day?.

Positive Framing

Do you begin all your conversations, even the difficult ones by explicitly stating your positive intent for the other person and the relationship?

Do you frame problems as potential opportunities, or are you a catastrophiser?

Depth-to-Joy Bounce

Are you skilled at switching gears in conversations from covering deeper, challenging, or meaningful topics to those that are lighter and, joyful?

Can you change the emotional tone of a conversation well and do you have a track record of doing it often or do you just think you do)?

Benefit Extension

When you are making a case for why someone should change or take any action, do you remember to explicitly state the benefits they and, just as important, others would garner by taking the action?

Goodbye Standard

Do you consistently leave situations better than you found them? Do you have a standard and stated goal of how you want to leave each conversation or are you haphazard about your conversational endings.

If you are not achieving a good chunk of the above then maybe people are listening but not taking notice. Improve on the above and be in the game.