Tired of endless bureaucracy, pointless report writing, and lack of freedom and entrepreneurship in the workplace?

The Corporate Rebels believed that there has to be a better way, and have spent the last two years travelling the world learning from the most progressive organizations they could find. Their ‘Bucket List’ includes over 100 workplace pioneers, entrepreneurs, academics, organizations and leaders who have all succeeded by working in radically different ways. From their discoveries they have created a list of habits which they believe truly progressive organisations adopt.

8 habits which distinguish truly progressive organisations

Number one? Moving from profit to purpose and values.

“Progressive organisations no longer focus solely on increasing shareholder value. They also focus on building a workplace around common purpose and values. Because having purpose and meaning gives people the energy, passion and motivation to get out of bed in the morning.”

Number two talks about moving from a pyramid structure of organisational hierarchy to networks of teams, and the list goes on to detail new ways of leading effectively, and moving from planning to experimentation, decentralisation and transparency, among some other really bright ideas.

We recommend reading the full article and seeing what you can apply to your business now. The Corporate Rebels warn that this is not a box ticking exercise and that you should decide which of these changes you implement. The way to success is different for each workplace, but, they say the mindset is not.

It is this particular mindset that sets [inspiring workplaces] apart from the crowd. We summarise it in three simple points:

  • Listen to your employees. The most progressive organizations have leaders who truly listen.

  • Search for inspiration. The most progressive organizations understand that they rarely need to re-invent the wheel.

  • Conduct experiments. Arguably the most important thing about progressive organisations is that they ‘just do it’.

We hope you enjoy this inspiration and thought provoking piece!